The Crossbow Condo

Whether you have joined the growing ranks of Crossbow Hunters or just want oversized spoke and we listened! The new Crossbow model features the same Solid Blind Technology that has made the Sportsman's Condo the leading brand name and innovator of hunting blinds in the country.



Crossbow Condo features:
-6-foot diameter
-6-foot, 5-inches tall (inside height)
-Large window openings...31.5" x 12.25"
-Comes with Mossy Oak Breakup Camo window covers*
-Hook to hang Crossbow
-Weighs 330 lbs.
-Simply slip 4x4 post into the base to elevate.
-Lockable door.
-2 built in shelves
-Storage above each window

$1649.00 (US)
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